Charles Gretton

AI, Machine Learning and Optimisation

Presently at HIVERY developing AI technologies to revolutionise continental scale retail operations. Previously Senior Researcher at Data61 (aka NICTA), where I was breaking symmetries, computing upper bounds, lecturing, and optimising national scale fleets, routes and deliveries of Fast Moving Consumer Goods. Before that, giving robots AI smarts enough to find Jesus Jones records in the morning after a big party -- when the home owner, presumably, has too much of a hangover to do that themselves. Originally a post-doc in Brisbane (NICTA and Griffith University) and PhD in Computer Science from the Australian National University.


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About Hivery

We’re a Sydney-based team of technopreneurs focused on transforming how businesses around the world use data. We push the boundaries of big data to create better solutions that grow businesses. HIVERY has consultants and data scientists, to take advantage of an unique AI (Artificial Intelligence) framework that we call Prescriptive Science™. 

Our Prescriptive Science™ framework provides solutions to support optimal decision making. At HIVERY we go beyond analytics, combining automated reasoning with Human Centered Design principles to develop a unique AI framework that solves business problems. Our empathetic design process starts with the customers we are designing for, and ends with new solutions that are tailor-made to their unique business objectives. Our Prescriptive  Science™ framework underpins an understanding and solution approach that effortlessly drives business profitability in ways that humans cannot.

HIVERY’s mission is to automate business decisions.