Dr Henner Kampwerth

PhD Engineering, UNSW

Master's Degree, Physics (Hons) Fraunhofer ISE


design and manufacturing of scientific equipment

Dr Henner Kampwerth is director of Open Instruments Pty Ltd. 

He received his Master's in Physics at Fraunhofer ISE in Germany, before he worked for 2 years as a test-engineer at Origin Energy in Australia, before pursuing his PhD in Engineering at UNSW Australia. 

In 2010 he won as the 'UNSW Inventor of the Year’ award.

In his 6 years as a post-doctoral researcher at UNSW he wrote 53 academic publications and supervised 7 PhD students. In addition to managing an international research project with a budget of $1m, he managed three laser characterisation laboratories. 

He started his focus on commercialisation with 5 provisional patents, of which 1 was fully commercialised, before going part-time at UNSW in order to devote more of his time to his company.

  • UNSW Inventor of the Year 2010
  • 5 patents (1 commercialised)
  • 53 academic publications, 1 book
  • 7 PhD students
  • 6 years measurement lab manager
  • $1m managed international research project

About Open Instruments

Open Instruments is an Australian based designer and manufacturer of scientific equipment.

We are looking forward to release the first commercially available photo-absorption Spectrometer in 2018.

It is specially designed for measurements on thin film materials and offers a 1000-times higher sensitivity compared to other available measurement systems. We intend to become the market leader in this particular niche market of scientific instrumentation.