Pasha Ryan

Product Management, SEO, Growth Hacking

Pasha is the CTO and co-founder of InsideSherpa. 

Prior to InsideSherpa, Pasha was the head of the acquisitions team & a senior product manager at There he was the product manager for the activation, SEO, acquisition and quality assurance teams. Before that he was a management consultant at KPMG and studied Commerce (Liberal Studies) at UNSW.

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About InsideSherpa

InsideSherpa connects university students applying for entry-level roles in companies or government roles with young professionals (aka the “Sherpas”) who are currently working in the industry. The Sherpas offer a range of personalised services to empower the students and strengthen their job applications.

InsideSherpa run virtual internships where students are able to complete company-sponsored, online courses. With virtual internships in venture capital, product management, law, management consulting and banking, InsideSherpa aims to become the Netflix of internships.