Ronan MacDomhnaill

Neuroleadership, Coaching, Mentoring, Leadership Development, Information Technology, Change Leadership, Not for Profit

Ronan is a leader with a demonstrated ability to deliver and support individual and organisational transformation. He brings over 20 years of experience from the Information Technology, education, engineering, communications, sports, government and National Governing Organisation fields. Ronan’s strengths include his ability to build trust and relatedness, the partnership he forms with his clients and the energy he brings to every conversation. Ronan is a PCC qualified Executive Coach with the Neuroleadership Institute and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Applications from Dublin City University. Ronan and his family are committed to the search to cure diabetes, which affects one of the children in their family.


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About Cred Solutions

Cred is a company whose mission is to maximise human potential in organisations through the use of evidence-based strategies and innovative technologies. At Cred, we have a desire to make things simple. We put simplicity at the heart of our design and make complex concepts simple by removing jargon and focusing on observable behaviour. We also believe in the importance of building partnerships. We want to do great work with great people for a long time to come. At Cred, we follow our own advice and learn by doing. We have a continuous improvement mindset. We are constantly experimenting, reviewing the results and moving forward accordingly. We are also passionate about building community. We recognise the power of collective intelligence and reciprocity. We use our community to create ideas, to give us feedback and to challenge our thinking. Finally, we are obsessed with growth. We strive to develop growth mindsets, both for ourselves and for every employee that works in our clients' organisations.