Our Makerspace is a small scale, low risk workshop for fabricating prototypes and projects.

We are open to all UNSW staff and students but give priority to cross-disciplinary teams that are working to solve real world problems.


Makerspace Opening Times

The Makerspace is open from 12pm – 6pm weekdays.

During these hours, we may need to restrict general access when we run inductions and workshops.



How to Access the Makerspace

The first and most crucial step is to attend our culture induction. We want to make our space as accessible and transparent as we can. In the induction you will learn the different ways you can engage with MCIC and our friendly staff will answer all questions you may have.

After the culture induction, you will be signed up for our weekly newsletter (necessary for our announcements) and receive a link to our safety document. The document MUST be signed to gain access to the Makerspace.

The Makerspace needs special consideration as there are safety issues to consider and require extra training. You will need to complete a safety induction and possibly extra training, for example Shop Tools, before using them.

You can sign up for an induction under EVENTS.



Makerspace Rules 

  • No alcohol can be brought into the Makerspace. Non-alcoholic drinks are allowed, ideally in sealable bottles.

  • Use of tools and machinery is forbidden to those under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

  • Food is not allowed in the Makerspace. 
  • Closed shoes are mandatory in the Makerspace, if one wishes to enter without closed shoes, gum boots of shame will be provided.
  • Leave No Trace! After using the space, you are expected to clean up your workspace. Any large sized rubbish and recycling need to be disposed of in appropriate bins.
  • Be as autonomous as possible. Supply your own laptop and download all needed software.
  • Always help others not as knowledgeable as yourself.
  • We are not a service provider, asking staff to make something for you for free or even paid will not go down well. Embrace the principles of the maker movement, skill up and do it yourself or do it with others. 
  • If you are not sure how to use a tool or machine, please ask first. MCIC Maker Mentors are on staff and able to assist you.



Shop Tools Induction






Maker Mentor Volunteer Program

Maker Mentors are rockstar students that spend a decent amount of time building collaborative projects in the Makerspace. They are invited to upskill on all and any equipment and then use these skills to help their fellow students. Our volunteers are empowered to run classes, man the space, host events, and direct programming. They allow us to keep the Makerspace open from 10am-8pm Monday to Friday and keep us relevant to the student cohort.

Find out more info here.


Maker Mentor Expectations

  • A regular shift, 2 hours per week during semester
  • Good working knowledge of 3D printers including basic maintenance
  • Good working knowledge of Trotec laser including basic maintenance
  • Ability to use all hand tools supplied by the makerspace
  • Ability to use soldering iron
  • Confident to instruct fellow students and maintain a high level of safety

Maker Mentor Perks

  • Access to the Makerspace outside of Open Shop times
  • Training on the laser cutter
  • Training on level 2 shoptools
  • Experience mentoring and teaching fellow students
  • AHEGS accreditation